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Are you using the best medical waste container?
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Plastic Container
Plastic Container
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70 - 80L
Needle Box
Cardboard Container
Cardboard Container
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Metal can
Metal can
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・60 - 80L
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Container for Medical Waste
why choose our products
We only use high quality made-in-Japan-manufactured goods to prioritize safety in treating medical waste.
KANSAI TSUSHYOU is a company that has the largest market share of holder of medical pail in Japan
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KANSAI TSUSHYOU is here to help you with many types and size of medical container for your best solution!
Our company`s original idea Registered Utility
These functions are registered utility model,s which are our company`s original ideas.
The Open-Holding Function
photo 1 of The Open-Holding Function The open-holding function of holder keeps the lid opened when the user wants to throw away medical waste continuously just by moving the pedal to the left while stepping on it.
The lid will close by it self by moving the pedal back to the center. This function enables the users to use the container without having to touch with their hands.
Same as the rotary damper, this idea is also a registered utility model.
photo 2 of The Open-Holding Function
The Rotary Damper Function
photo of The Rotary Damper Function The rotary damper function of the holder enables the user to open the lid just by stepping on the pedal. It will automatically close by it self slowly after releasing the user`s foot. This can avoid air infection caused by the scattering of infectious waste.
The rotary damper function on holder of medical waste is our original idea which is a registered utility model.
The holder that is easy to use in your daily life
 the "Good" one for your solution.
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